Changed my skin game, friends complimenting & asking what did I do

Anya you are one of the most trusted people ever. I came through your account with the help of byrooj on Instagram. I have been following you on Instagram since Jan2020. I was suffering from worst hormonal acne and trust me the day I came through ur page is the day I have stop visiting any dermatologist. I trust on you that much. I am a person with oily acne-prone skin and I have been suffering from pimples acne since more thn 5 to 6 years and I have been visiting to hundreds of dermatologist. Every dermatologist used to just change my medicine, facewash, diet also gives me high doses of isotretinoin when my acne used to get worst but nothing really worked for long. It was all temporary. But the day I followed you on insta is the day I follow everything religiously to whatever you guide regarding acne. It’s been more than a year I have ordered seeds from you and TRUST me my acne has never got better than this.
I mean it was a drastic change on my face. Along with seed cycling, I used to follow the skincare routine including ordinary AHA BHA, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and my skin has got alhamdulillah so much better. Also, my period pain got so so much better like literally almost no pain during my periods because of seed cycling.
Trust me I am so so thankful to byrooj that I came across through your page on insta. My skin has never been better than this. Literally, my friends used to ask me if what I am doing or what medications I am taking that my skin got a whole lot better and I recommended them to follow your account on insta. I told them that just follow her account religiously, go through it and she is a lifesaver. Please keep on guiding us through your journey and trying out new products and seeds it really helps us a lot. Thank you for always being true to your followers❤️. You are Gem.❤️
I have recently ordered Chia seeds from you and am hoping that they will also work as great for me as the other seeds did. 🙈
May Allah bless you with all the happiness and fulfill all your desires❤️
Also, the quality of her seeds is 10/10 without any doubt.👍