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About Women Bloom

How it began


My name’s Anya Awan, and I am a Karachi-based content creator and the face behind Women Bloom.

I created my Instagram account back in 2018, to share my hormonal acne and PCOS journey with women who are constantly struggling with the same. After dealing with hormonal acne, PCOS, hair loss, depression, and anxiety for so long, I finally learned to balance my hormones naturally and thought – why should I not help all other women struggling with the same issues?

That’s when I introduced other women to a viable solution, which by the way, helped so many women. With this same idea of helping women, my little venture Women Bloom was born!

My Story

I first developed cystic acne when I was in the first year of university. It was painful and unbearable to live with acne. I went to 8 different doctors trying to understand what was wrong with my skin and why it was happening. However, other than prescribing me some acne treatment creams and contraceptive pills, they all sent me home with no proper solution. I’d eat the pills for months, my acne would heal for some time, but it would always come back as soon as I stopped the treatment. This no-progress cycle lasted for 2 agonizing years.

Surprisingly, not any of the doctors told me what type of acne I had and why. Visit after visit, they prescribed me the same DIAN 35 pill all over again.

I knew nothing was helping me, especially this pill, and something was wrong with me, but what?

And I wasn’t expecting this to get even worse, I started facing severe side effects of the contraceptive pills. I battled hair loss, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, and depression. And my acne? It became the worst.

Well, that was the point when I finally stopped taking the contraceptive pills as they were doing me more harm than good!

After nearly 4 years of being in a constant state of distress, I finally found a dermatologist who looked at me and said, ‘Anya, you need to get your blood tests done, girl. It seems hormonal.

I got my tests done. My ultrasound was clear with no cysts, Alhamdulillah. But my testosterone levels were very high.

As soon as I got my hands on this diagnosis, I started doing my research on how I could balance my hormones naturally, which is what brought me to where I’m today! It brings me great joy to share with you that PCOS symptoms are curative and that too all naturally.

After all these years, I learned only lifestyle changes, incorporating organic food into the diet and herbs can help me overcome my PCOS symptoms. In about two years, not only did I manage to regrow my hair but also clear up my cystic acne, all while sticking to a 100% natural solution!

Unfortunately, as PCOS is a taboo here in our society, most of our women facing it are left to stress alone without knowing the path to choose for fighting this daunting battle. They freak out when they hear they have it like it’s the end of the world for them. Having had the chance of being in their shoes, my motto with Women Bloom is to help them in fighting and overcoming this battle.

Now here I am, sharing my journey of healing and how I continue to manage my PCOS symptoms naturally. Are you a PCOS warrior? Worry not, for Women Bloom has you covered!

Let’s bloom together!

Where you can find me?

I am available on my Instagram handles,

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  • Hi…I’ve used your balance tea.. it is super duper amazing… I wanted to use it for weight loss that I’ve gained due to PCOs and believe this within a month it showed me result…Everyone is asking how you have lose your weight…even though I didn’t followed any diet routine..I’m so so happy..Thank u so much Anya for introducing this tea to us…

  • Its my first kit + Balance tea and I have conceived ALHAMDULILLAH ❤️💕it didnt helped me with conception onlyy but it helped me with alot of things like weight loss (I hv loss 5 kg😂), hairfall, depression, sleeping issue & much more. Thankuu sooo much dear ❤️ I hv recommended in my family and frnds💕😊

  • I ordered their honey sometime ago and absolutelyyyy loved it. It was so pureeee and raw which is extremely difficult to find in this time. My whole family loved the honey. I’m just waiting for them to restock it so that I order it again. Keep up the good work ❤️♥️👍🏻 May Allah bless you.

  • I was struggling with late periods. My last cycle was of 55 days and I was so stressed then I found out this seed cycling and with so much courage I ordered first i thought maybe this won’t work but I read the reviews and was impressed so much. And with the name of Allah I ordered and the day I ordered I got my periods so that Time I didn’t get the chance to use ut but after my periods ended I started to use the seed cycling and with the grace of God I got my periods exactly in the exact after 28 days in this cycle length. InshaAllah will continue to use for another month for complete balance. And I saw a change this time with good blood flow and consistency. Always praying for your success really grateful to you. Lots of prayers for your.

  • Hello aniya, hope you are doing well. 😀i just wanted to say that i got to know about your page and seed cycling through Dr arooba’s reel, i was trying to conceive from 6 months the day i got married. Doctors told me that i have endometriosis i have to take ovulatory induction medicines. But i was not convinced. Cut story short by the time i got to know this. I thought lets do this bcz of ur soo manyyyy positive reviews. Its been just 1 month , just 1 month and Alhamdulillah Alhamdulilah today my preg test got positive 🥺🥺😭😀.
    Allah ne apko waseela bnaya.
    Whenever i used to see other girls reviews , i always think when would i be able to write these things. Its not less than a miracle for me 😍
    I already recomended these seeds during my cycle other girls without getting the results
    But nowww i will defooo tell everyone who wants thisss 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Thankyouuu once again 🤗
    Allah apko iska ajar de ameeen
    Kindly do a little prayer for us.

  • Lots and lotss of prayers for you.
    i cant believe it really worked. Its a miracle.

  • I have been diagnosed with PCOS last year and there was no medicine that was able to cure my conditon. I got to know about these seed cycling and tried them, i was shocked by the results, my periods got normal, i lost approx 7-8 kgs and my skin is better now. Love your product and i hope it will help me to cure my condition.

  • Heyy anya…my pregnancy tst got positive after using cycling kit..thank uh…lots of prayers for uh..mein itni khush k bata nhi skti..mene saari medication chor di thi r srf y use kr rahi thi..and after 5 months i got pregnant..Alhamdulillah…may Allah bless you 😊

  • Hi anya
    I have an endometriotic cyst and i am using your seed cycling kit and balance tea n seeing wonderful results MashaALLAH. The quality of seeds is so good . May Allah always bless you and your family with the best of everything in life Ameen
    Highly recommended.

  • Hello Anya
    I ordered balance tea packaging is so impressive I lose 4kg it worked for me
    Thankyou so much for introducing this tea

  • As my busy schedule and Bad eating habits, i jave faced many issue liek PCOS, obesity, menstrual issues and skin problem,Then i approach Anya from one of my friend, she not only Guide me hut also help to understand that good eating habits can cope future diabetes issue also. With her ultimate support through Balance Tea with Chamomile tea I have found great effect in sleeping pattern, weight loose and cope with anxiety. Her products are totally natural as we use synthetic product and that’s why it doesn’t work Nd give side effects.
    Thanks WomenBloom❤️

  • Hey anyaa I made an other of tea. Isse pehle spearmint tea order ki thi mene and that is my holy grail gurll❤️ I fell in love w it instantly. Can’t believe keh usse peenay sey it calmed me down and helped me sleep better than before. Allah aap ko bht bht khush rakhe. Dill sey dua hai. Mene aap sey yeh seed cycling kit june mai li thi tab karna start kiya tha and July mai pata nai q skip hogaye periods and june mai I told you before too keh 1.5 weeks tak rahe after 2 months. And when I ordered again from you in august this bundle w spearmint tea toh it worked perfectly for me. Thankyou smm❤️❤️ is natural cheaz sey introduce karane k liye. Lekin is baar mene chamomile tea order ki hai keh ek dafa woh bhi pee kar dekh lu phir next time IN SHAA ALLAH dubara bundle mungwaoungi jab yeh wala khatam hojayega. Loads of love and duas your way!❤️❤️

    • i wana share my journeywith women bloom by anya
      first of all you are very professional and so active and always clear my confusions…

      i have ordered balance tea with seed cycling kit one month ago because i have issue of irregular periods like 6 7 months hojate the periods nh ate jis ki waja se belly pr fat ana. shru hogya or face p pimples nikal ate the phr mjhe medicines leni prti thi phr ek din scrolling krte howe apka page smne aya mene bht reviews prhe then i ordered…. The quality of seed cycling and balnce tea is beyond my expectation, quantity is also double mene just 10 days fol cycle start kiya with balnce day naturally afer 4 months mjhe periods agye. i was very happy or in 10 days m hi mera belly fat gyb hogya even face bhi clear hogya mjhe thakawt feel hona bhi khtm hogai even hair loss bhi ruk gya hai mene seed cycling pori ki one month us k bad naturally mjhe 32days bad. periods agye im very satisfy with the result … Thank you so much anya

  • Hi, I wanted to give a review about the seed cycling kit I have been having irregular periods since Feb 2022 and after taking the seed cycling for just a month I got my periods I ordered this in July and got my periods in Aug then again continued and got my periods once again in Sep. Was super excited about the change so wanted to share my experience with you Aanya is really happy and grateful that I came across seed cycling. Now just hoping that I conceive also plz pray for me.

  • Hey ❤️ I’m ordering again balance tea. I loved it so much. Love the taste. Better to call it miracle tea for me. Since, I’m using it from 20 days , but I’m feeling and seeing major difference in my pcos health. Jab se mainy yeh tea use ki mere body se swelling kam hona shuru ho gae hai aur mere sleeping pattern bohat acha ho geya hai. Constipation gone. Earlier,I used to wax my face after every 3 4 days. But, now I’m waxing it after 7 8 days. It’s unbelievable.

  • I love balance tea and seed cycling kit ❤️

    • I had hormonal acne problem.i used lots of expensive products bot no result my acne goes worse day by day. then I start seed cycling Alhamdulillah my acne vanish almost 80%.

  • Hey ❤️ I’m ordering again balance tea. I loved it so much. Love the taste. Better to call it miracle tea for me. Since, I’m using it from 20 days , but I’m feeling and seeing major difference in my pcos health. Jab se mainy yeh tea use ki mere body se swelling kam hona shuru ho gae hai aur mere sleeping pattern bohat acha ho geya hai. Constipation gone. Earlier,I used to wax my face after every 3 4 days. But, now I’m waxing it after 7 8 days. It’s unbelievable.

  • Hi anya!
    I am using your balance tea. My proclactin level was 68. Now Alhumdulillah Alhumdulillah with the help of your balance tea now my prolactin is normal 19. This tea works like magic to me. And yes one more thing I lose 4 kgs through this tea! ❤️❤️❤️🫶🏻🫶🏻
    May Allah bless you. ❤️
    Restock my second bottle! 🫶🏻

  • Sharing an honest review from my heart. These seeds are amazing wallahi. I was suffering from hormonal acne from last iune but now Alhamdulillah I’m using these seeds from last December and now it’s been 3 months
    Alhamdulillah my acne(cystic)gone my face become so clear
    Alhamdulillah x infinity. I went to dermatologists applied so many creams n ointment nothing worked but Alhamdulillah Allah pak gave me shifa from this seed cycling . Jazak Allah@ @anyaa_awan
    And I would recommend it to every woman who is suffering from acne or hormonal imbalance or having any problem in conceiving must use it for one time. May Allah gives u shifa from it.

  • I was so scared to try it because everyone says their products are fresh and clean but u can’t trust.But when i received my parcel i was so impressed with the quality and packaging . The best thing is Quality is so good 👍 agr kaha ja rha hy fresh hn to ye khud bta rhy hn k han g hum freshly blend hn💕love it

  • Helloooo Anya. I completed my 1st seed cycle yesterday and got my periods today after 1 complete year!! Thankyouuuu ❤ my mother was very tensed she kept saying k seeds sey kuch nahi hona let’s visit your gynaecologist but I had faith. She’s a fan of your products now 😂😂❤

  • Hello
    I have used ur kit and tea and have seen remarkable results in only one month. I feel light and energetic . My bloating is gone and also chinhair reduced amazingly . Keep doing the good job. It works wonders I must say and is highly recommended to all .

  • hi anaya
    mae 9 months sy try kr rahi hu baby k lye abtk canceive nhi kr pai ap mjhy btaegi k mae kya use kru dr k pas gai thi usny kaha sb normal ha

  • Hello,
    Anya I use you omega seed and I love it,when I started seed for health perpose in a week I feel on me something different like I can feel something is good on these seed you can’t imagine what happened I don’t have explainactions but I get better feel thank you God bless you 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Assalamualaikum.
    Hope you are doing well. I used a seed cycling kit for three months. And the results are amazing. Alhumdulillah
    My periods are regular now. Alhumdulillah.
    Thank you so much.

  • Aslamu Alaikum..Anaya hope you are doing good..okay so i am here to give a review about seed cycling..I know i know it’s too early to give a review but honestly i couldn’t resist myself 😁 I received seeds cycling on 27August pr mera FOL wala phase pehly se hi start hogia hua tha toh mane 3 se 4 din hi fol khaya or phr LUT phase start krdia..mera 1month seed cycling poora abhi lut ka aik din baki tha toh mujy spot se next day mujhy bleeding🩸 start ho gai or within a one month mere periods bilkul sai aye hain..werna pehly mujhy hamesha 3 din brown discharge hone k baad 4th day py ja k bleeding start hoti thi..wo b bs mushkil se 3 din hoti thi or phr brown discharge jese ho jata tha 5 , 6 saal se mere periods bht harab hain..periods sai nai hoty iski wajah se bht tension rehti thi.or acne b bht hota tha mujhy.jbse seed cycle start hua tabse ALHAMDULILLAH my acne abhi periods k days ma 2 3 pimple nikel aye which is normal I’m sooo happy with the results 😊❤️

  • Anya’s seed cycling kit was so good. I have seen alot of positive changes after seed cycling. The period pain was gone. Flow was better. It did help in many issues that i was facing due to pcos. Obviously it was a contributing factor in the conception ❤️

  • Highly recommended..
    I used both spearmint and chamomile tea along with seeds blend .. results are truly amaizing .. love it ❤️they really help me to resolve my pcos and weight gain issue .. thanks anya ♥️✨️

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