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colic baby

Natural safe ways to soothe colic baby with Colic tea

Parents who have a baby with colic may feel irritated and powerless. This is genuine, typical, and uneasy. That being said, if your infant likes to cry, don’t be worried as a new mother. However,…
Importance of using red raspberry tea

Importance of using red raspberry tea in the last trimester

Native to Europe and certain regions of Asia, red raspberry plants are prized for their juicy, nutrient-dense berries. However, its leaves are also nutrient-rich and are frequently used to prepare herbal tea with therapeutic benefits.…
Balancing PCOS Symptoms Naturally

Holistic Approaches to Balance PCOS Symptoms Naturally

You’d been dealing with PCOS symptoms for years. You tried everything from prescription drugs to rigid diets, but nothing seemed to work for you. Frustrated and fatigued, you started to look into natural alternatives to…
What is PCOS

What is PCOS: Urdu meaning, Causes, issues and Symptoms

PCOS in urdu known as پولی سسٹک اووری سنڈروم . The hormonal disease known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects females who are of reproductive age, meaning they are between adolescence and menopause. Ovarian cysts,…
How to make spearmint tea

How to make spearmint tea at home? Quick Guide

A minty herb rich in antioxidants and other health-promoting plant chemicals is spearmint. For PCOS cysters, especially those with substantial hyperandrogenism and the onset of associated symptoms, spearmint tea is a must-try.  It improves stomach-related…
flax seeds in urdu

Flax seeds in urdu: Benefits and Nutritional Value

There are many alternatives available when it comes to nutrition. Choosing whether trendy superfoods and traditional staples are worth your time and money might be challenging. However, flax seeds are a little seed that has…
Basil Seeds vs Chia Seeds

Basil Seeds vs Chia Seeds: Discovering the Nutritional Battle

If you’re searching for a healthy supplement to your diet, you might want to try basil seeds or chia seeds. Both are well-known for their nutritional advantages and are popular among health-conscious individuals but the…

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